Laser Cutting

We provide Laser Cutting Services. We commonly use laser-cutting machines to cut high-performance tapes, frozen epoxy films, Kraft papers, and other products. Tape Innovations’ Laser specializes in precision laser cutting, focusing on very small items that need great edge quality and extremely tight tolerances.

Benefits of Laser Cutting

  • No tooling cost
  • Simple DXF allows for easy cutting
  • Highly precise tolerancing
  • High material utilization
  • Low quantity runs
  • Lots of room for adjustments because of no tooling

Laser cutting services are a huge part of Tape Innovations core capabilities. The machines are just one component of the equation. The materials are our main focus. These materials include plastic shim stock, certain elastomeric products, frozen epoxy preforms, tapes, and kraft papers. We do this, because oftentimes a laser cutter can be more exact in what its producing. In addition, while die cutting has its place, tooling can be a concern with die cutting machines.

As part of our laser cutting services, these lasers operate with very precise accuracy, carrying the ability to hold some parts within a +/- .002” tolerance. It is good to keep in mind that laser machines are limited to a certain thickness of all materials.


Quick, Precise, And Clean Laser Cutting

Compared to plasma and water jet cutting, laser cutting is quick, precise, and clean. Your company will save money by using laser cutting. The laser’s accuracy does project with complicated features and strict tolerances, a breeze no matter how large or tiny. We make the most of your raw resources by grouping batches of parts together and expediting the manufacture of your order.

Whether you’re searching for individual prototypes or a large quantity for an entire production run, our laser cutting technology is intended to handle a wide range of cutting jobs in several applications. We provide expert laser cutting services with our high-quality laser cutting technology.