Tape Innovations' knowledge of products and wide range of capabilities allows us to be extremely effective in bringing value to our customers. Using our equipment, we can manufacture products that will help enhance our customers' product lines. We die cut, laminate, or sheet down materials that include, but are not limited to noise reduction, sealing of an enclosure, reduction of heat, and protecting your touch screen devices. Tape Innovations is your one stop shop for your total die cut solutions as well as assistance in design and product research.

The Tape Innovations Experience

Tape's primary objective is to provide competitive engineering solutions for our customers by remaining on the cutting edge of material and process technology. We provide full service, in-house design assistance as well as experienced application specialists for onsite support. Tape Innovations collaborates with you to ensure fit, form and function of your custom components; from material specification, to rapid prototyping, to manufacturing finished goods and reducing your product time to market.