We integrate components into semi-finished or finished products in our assembly department. These frequently involve our components as well as client-supplied or externally acquired components. This helps us to put together the profiles we make into finished items.

Effective and Complete End-Product

We know how to use the proper techniques for each product based on our expertise and experience. Additional operations, machining, and surface preparation enable us to produce the best possible result.

  • Hardware
  • Custom PSA application
  • Marking
  • Pick & Place
  • Kitting
  • Hand Forming
  • Gluing
  • Turnkey Assemblies

Value-Added Assembly Service

Tape Innovations provides value-added services including secondary component assembly, kitting, custom labelling, and packaging to help you optimize and simplify your supply chain.

Supplier consolidation is an essential tool for improving organizational efficiency and lowering costs. Let Tap Innovations capabilities and expertise assist you in achieving your goals and objectives. We can expand your product demands from prototype to full commercial deployment, from assembling and packaging to sub-tier supplier management.


Smart and Sophisticated Designs

We extrude in a single operation wherever feasible thanks to smart design, reducing the need for further processing. For example, when it comes to mechanical assembly, we have all of the essential knowledge in-house to rivet and screw the appropriate pieces to the product. For our clients, assembly is a vital service; the customer saves time because we handle the assembly.

Many procedures and related information are available in-house. The customer may delegate everything to us, which reduces logistical operations and improves the quality of the final product while also lowering expenses.

We can handle any job, regardless of complexity or scale, with various automated, semi-automated, and manual assembly alternatives. Rest assured that your product will be handled professionally.