EMI/RFI Sheilding

Tape Innovations manufactures custom die-cut EMI gaskets, RFI gaskets, and other EMI shielding components to meet EMC specifications for electronic devices. The purpose of EMI shielding materials is to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) from impacting sensitive electronics. Electromagnetic interference can cause minor disruptions or major malfunctions to electronic devices.

General Information

To ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), it is common in many device designs to completely encase the electronics in a conductive enclosure. EMI gaskets and RFI gaskets provide good electrical conductivity across the gasket / flange interface at the seam of the enclosure.

Generally, the better the conformability and conductivity of the material, the higher the shielding effectiveness of the gaskets.

Functions & Materials

Grounding and Contacting: grounds imperfectly grounded structures
Absorption: Absorb heat and or interference
Shielding for Containment: shielding and containing interference produced by a device
Shielding for Exclusion: preventing the intrusion of interference on a certain device
Shielding plus Pressure Sealing: Shielding while pressure containment still required.
Materials: Copper-Aluminum-Ferrite-Special Tapes & Fabrics


Highest Possible Shielding Solutions

RF noise often affects sensitive and precise measurements due to growing ambient electromagnetic pollution. Tape Innovations shielded systems provide the best possible shielding attenuation, allowing high-sensitivity testing without distortion in a controlled electromagnetic environment. According to Tempest standards, RF shielded solutions also protect meeting rooms and computer data centers.

Many device designs wrap the electronics in a conductive casing to guarantee electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). EMI and RFI gaskets provide strong electrical conductivity at the enclosing seam between the gasket and the flange.

In general, the greater the material’s conformability and conductance, the stronger the gaskets’ shielding performance.

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