Water Jet Cutting

Our water jet uses a hair-thin pure stream for soft materials and a garnet abrasive to cut virtually any hard object and are particularly effective with small, intricate and complex parts. Our Water Jet Cutting machines enable us to accomplish complicated cuts on unusual raw materials, allowing us to serve a bigger customer base.

Why Us?

Waterjet cutting is ideal for thicker materials that would often see edge concavity with die cutting, like thick foams. The powerful cut seen with the waterjet leaves a clean precise edge on the material.

Waterjet cutting works well for prototypes, thick materials, larger parts, heat resistant material like silicone and complex designs that require very tight tolerances. Our engineers have high levels of experience with CAD software and various CAD cutting capabilities. We can work with the files you provide (.dxf or xdwg) or we can create one for you.

Water Jet Advantages

No Unnecessary Finishing Costs: Waterjet cutting produces a smooth, sandblasted look that is free of burnt edges, chips, burrs, and slag. Once a gasket, seal, or other part undergoes waterjet machining, it is considered to have a “finished cut.” Extra finishing processes are not necessary, which results in a cost savings M&P Sealing is happy to pass on to its customers.

No Heat-affected Zone (HAZ): Some machining processes involve burning or melting, which can alter a material’s inherent chemical properties. With CNC hydrocutting, this is not an issue. Known to insulate and absorb heat, water is the cutting medium in this machining process and works to maintain the properties of materials, such as metals, plastics, and composites.


Water Jet Advantages

No Minimum Quantity: Manufacturing processes like the punch press use a set of punches and dies to form parts. Based on a drawing, a custom die is created and once that is formed, production can begin. The expense and time involved in creating the die is often balanced with long-run production. But, what if you need just one large prototype or short-run gaskets shipped the next day? With waterjet cutting, all production needs to start is the drawing, which results in a lower cost-per-piece for short runs.

No Mechanical Stresses: In some machining processes, the manufactured piece of material must be clamped down or affixed to the machine’s surface, so that it does not move. This fixturing can produce mechanical stresses into the work-piece, which compromises the overall structural quality. In hydrocutting, a powerful stream of water is directed downward, pushing the work-piece into the machine table with enough force that it requires minimal or no fixturing.

No Material Limitations: There are virtually no limits to what waterjet machines can cut. Pure waterjet cutting is used to cut soft materials; abrasive waterjet cutting is used to cut hard materials, and M&P Sealing offers both services. We inventory many materials to solve your application needs.

Let’s Get the Job Done with Tape Innovations

We are water jet cutting pioneers, and you’ll see why our knowledge is vital when it comes to completing your project.
Water jets are the most environmentally friendly way to get the job done correctly. In addition, water abrasives reduce the dangers associated with heat and explosions, hence increasing safety.

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