Tape Innovations offers slitting for optimal material utilization, precision, accuracy, and repeat-ability for every type of slitting job imaginable. We have the capabilities to slit and rewind materials to a variety of core sizes at custom widths and lengths.


Our Services Include

  • Precision
  • Lathe
  • Razor
  • Score
  • Shear
  • Bologna Cut
  • Rotary Precise Slitting

Our Capabilities

Our slitting equipment is capable of slitting materials down to 1/16" and as wide as 60". We have access to the best materials available on the market as a result of our strategic alliance with the 3M Company.

Tape Innovation's multiple slitting capabilities across several machines produce the highest quality converted rolls for each of your diverse applications, whether you need ultra-thin .03" rolls or wide width rolls for laminating, we have the flexibility to slit a wide assortment of materials regardless of their raw dimensions.