CNC knife cutting machine is a type of digital cutting system with CNC (Computer Number Controlled) which is used for high-precision cutting of heavier flexible and semi-rigid materials. CNC digital cutting machine is carried on the multi-tool cutting head vibration knife, oblique knife, circular knife, punching knife, milling knife, punch roller and marking pen. CCD camera and projector are optional for more precise cutting.

Knife Cutting Benefits

  • Increase in productivity at lower cost
  • Elimination of die costs and die production time
  • Consistently high cut quality and accuracy
  • Optimal material usage, minimal waste
  • Reduced setup time
  • Increased planning and production flexibility
  • Freedom of design, enhanced material, and size options


The Zund cnc knife cutter is used for wide flatbed cutting of stock that range from cardboard and foam, to leather or textiles. The Zund cnc knife cutting system permits a high degree of precision and efficiency through the use of its vacuum bed hold down and multi blade tool exchanger.