We offer High Precision Rotary Die Cutting for those high volume and high tolerance projects. Our state of the art rotary die cutting equipment is capable of tolerances to .003". and is capable of converting a wide variety of materials.

Rotary Advantages

  • Ease of Cutting
  • Speed and Efficiency
  • Quick Turnarounds
  • Less Waste
  • Multipurpose


Ease of Cutting: Rotary die cutting machines can cut through just about any material, from paper and magnets to foam, metal, and cork, at efficient speeds.

Speed and Efficiency: Rotary die cutting is an excellent choice for completing large production runs. Since the cutting pattern is set in the machine, it does not need to be adjusted between cuts, meaning that it can process large amounts of material with little to no error.

Quick Turnarounds: Rotary die cutting's efficiency makes it easy to move materials from concept to finished product.

Precision: Rotary die cutting replicates precise cuts, so you can be sure each item you produce is identical to the last. It's the most accurate die cutting option, which is why it's often favored for production runs that require consistency and uniformity.

Less waste: Rotary die cutting creates less waste than other procedures, which is both more economical for the company and more sustainable for the environment.

Multipurpose: Rotary die cutters can perform several tasks depending on the project's needs, such as laminating, kiss cutting (to create adhesives), embossing, and more. They can also perform inline packaging as required.