Many of the parts Tape Innovations manufactures require the lamination of two or more materials. Most common is the addition of pressure-sensitive adhesive backing to another substrate, like sponge, foam, rubber, or films.It is important, even critical, to accomplish this lamination without entrapping air or contaminates between the two substrates.We can Laminate multiple materials to make your desired custom product.


  • Adhesive Backing
  • Dissilimar Materials
  • Zone Laminiation
  • PSA Composites

What we can do for you

Our Laminators are designed to enable easy and precise applications of foils & a wide variety of adhesives on a wide variety of materials used in die cutting. Foams, thermal material, RFI/EMI materials, display enhancement

Suitable for flex signs, self-adhesive applications and rigid panels etc. Suitable Materials: Flexible media, boards, plastic, glass, PVC banners, wide format graphics for exhibitions and events, Road signs, many more