Gaskets + Sealing

Tape Innovations manufactures custom die-cut gaskets and seals utilizing a range of cutting techniques such as, rotary die cutting, flat bed die cutting, and laser /waterjet/ plotter cutting. The manufacturing technique is chosen based on the application, material, and volume.

Gaskets Prevent Leaks

The purpose of a gasket is to fill the space between two mating surfaces, generally preventing leakage while the material is under compression. Many products and applications require sealing from different elements: air, water, dust, fluid gas, electromagnetic interference, radio frequencies and even light.

In addition to preventing leaks and sealing, gaskets can also serve other functions, for example: cushioning, vibration and noise reduction (washers).

Example of Gasket Materials

  • Sponges & Foams
  • Neoprene
  • Plastic
  • EMI/RFI Materials
  • Rubber
  • EMI/RFI Conductive Silicones