Gaskets + Sealing

Tape Innovations manufactures custom die-cut gaskets and seals utilizing a range of cutting techniques such as, rotary die cutting, flat bed die cutting, and laser /waterjet/ plotter cutting. The manufacturing technique is chosen based on the application, material, and volume.
Product development, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities have always been hallmarks of our operational philosophy, from the innovative creation of the compressed fiber gasket to today's superior sealing material technology.

Gaskets Prevent Leaks

The purpose of a gasket is to fill the space between two mating surfaces, generally preventing leakage while the material is under compression. Many products and applications require sealing from different elements: air, water, dust, fluid gas, electromagnetic interference, radio frequencies and even light.

In addition to preventing leaks and sealing, gaskets can also serve other functions, for example: cushioning, vibration and noise reduction (washers).

Why Gaskets and Sealing?

Gaskets may perform various tasks in addition to preventing leaks and sealing, such as cushioning, vibration reduction, and noise reduction (washers). Some of Gasket examples include:

  • Sponges & Foams
  • Neoprene
  • Plastic
  • EMI/RFI Materials
  • Rubber
  • EMI/RFI Conductive Silicones


Effective Gaskets and Sealing for Valuable Customers

Our company’s reputation for excellence is based on our ability to deliver the most cost-effective production solutions to fulfill our clients’ most demanding requirements. Our primary goal is to consistently surpass our customers’ expectations by offering high-quality gaskets and sealing materials at reasonable prices, on-time delivery, and great customer service. In addition, custom Tape Innovations is dedicated to continuously meeting all of your blueprint specs and tolerance standards.

Tape Innovations is proud of its ability to continuously create precise die-cut gaskets and die-cut components that are guaranteed to match your exact specifications and perform flawlessly in your application.

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